The combination of strong growth and profitability has intensified competition in the UK and European debit card market. This has prompted various reactions from existing players in the market and resulted in a number of new entrants. This unique conference will explore developments in the debit arena with in-depth European country guides

As a senior card executive, you will be aware of the importance and potential of this field. We would therefore like to invite you to register for SAE Media Group’s Second Annual Event European Debit Cards 99. As you will see from the brochure, key speakers include representatives from the leading UK and European retail banks and debit card experts.

Conference programme

8:30 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Thea George

Thea George, Editor, Banking Technology


Andrew Bevan

Andrew Bevan, Debit Card Product Development Manager, Woolwich

  • An overview of the current key European debit card markets and the changing competitive environment
  • Major challenges and limitations for card issuers in the European and specifically the UK card market
  • Recent trends for the benefits of debit cards and consumer preference
  • The effect of new technological developments on the debit card market
  • Where are the current opportunities for new product development?
  • How the combination of strong growth and card/account profitability attract new entrants

    Colin Grannell

    Colin Grannell, Senior Vice President, Consumer Products, Visa International

  • In the retail banking markets of the past, competition has been built around market share. In the markets of today and tomorrow competition will be around share of customer.
  • Debit as the centre of the customer banking relationship
  • How customer retention is the key to increasing life-time value and share of customer
  • Why consumers switch providers and the factors that influence their behaviour
  • The role of ingredient brands in creating the right product proposition for your customers
  • How do you continuously deliver the brand promise
  • 10:20 TURKEY

    Sertac Ozinal

    Sertac Ozinal, Marketing Vice President, Retail Banking, Pamukbank

  • Retail banking trends in Turkey
  • The current Turkish debit card market
  • Challenges and opportunities for card issuers
  • Pamukbank and debit cards
  • Influencing customer demand by effective marketing
  • Customer training for the usage of debit cards
  • 11:00 Morning Coffee

    11:20 GREECE

    George Vintzileos

    George Vintzileos, Cards Divison, Alpha Credit Bank

  • New technological developments in the Greek debit card market
  • Opportunities and challenges for card issuers in the Greek card market
  • Why does Greece still rank below every other member of the EU in terms of debit card penetration despite debit growth?
  • Will the trend for growth in the debit card market continue?
  • The effect of ATM surcharges on the growing demand for debit cards
  • Current consumer demand for debit cards and predictions for the future
  • 12:00 SMARTCARDS

    Pierre Lassus

    Pierre Lassus, Corporate Marketing Manager, Gemplus

  • Smart cards in a banking environment
  • Why use a smart card in loyalty schemes?
  • New technologies for customer benefits
  • 12:40 Lunch


    Conor Dowd

    Conor Dowd, EMEA Region Director, Trintech

  • Why are internet payments dominated by credit cards?
  • Can debit card issuers find secure ways for their cardholders to participate on the internet?
  • The risk of compromising cardholders’ own funds or the ATM network as a whole
  • Supplying customers with a wallet which certifies their identity and card details
  • Designing implementation options that can reduce the cost of SET
  • Convincing debit card holders that they are fully protected on the internet

    Clive Thorne

    Clive Thorne, Partner, Denton Hall

  • E-commerce directive and UK law
  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Criminal liabilities
  • Comparative situation in the United Kingdom, European countries, USA and Australia
  • 15:00 IRELAND

    Ciaran Kilbride

    Ciaran Kilbride, Head of Debit and ATM Services, Bank of Ireland

  • Overview of the Irish debit card market
  • Product outline
  • Update on the first three years of the debit card in Ireland
  • Key challenges
  • The outlook for the next three years
  • 15:40 Afternoon Tea

    16:00 HUNGARY

    Agnes Lazar

    Agnes Lazar, Managing Director, Kereskedelmi es Hitelbank Rt

  • Why is Hungary’s card industry one of the most advanced in Eastern Europe’s card market?
  • Analysis of the rise in debit cards since their introduction
  • Is the debit card Hungarian’s preferred method of payment
  • Issuing domestic debit cards and affiliating them with an international payments network
  • Analysis of new technological developments in the Hungarian debit card market
  • Predictions for future debit applications in Hungary

    Adrian Cannon

    Adrian Cannon, Principal Constultant, OSI

  • Fraud: the driving force behind EMV
  • Implementing EMV in the UK
  • European smartcard interoperability
  • The impact of the ICC on debit cards
  • Debit in a multi-function environment
  • The future of the debit card

    graham Forsdyke

    graham Forsdyke, Senior Consultant, Unisys Card Services

  • The impact of chip-technology on debit cards
  • The importance of a well planned chip migration strategy
  • Opportunities and challenges in implementing multi-functional smart cards
  • Integration of smart card and Internet technologies
  • Developing a card centric customer connectivity model
  • Toward the ultimate 'relationship' card
  • 17:30 Chairperson's Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

    8:30 Re-registration and Coffee

    9:00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

    Peter Jones

    Peter Jones, Managing Director, Payment Systems Europe


    Robert Wright

    Robert Wright, Product Director, Banking and Consumer Credit, Abbey National

  • The recent growth of debit cards and can this be seen as exponential growth?
  • Domestic versus international debit card schemes and their advantages and disadvantages
  • The future of domestic card schemes
  • Current consumer demand for debit cards and predicting the future debit card market for issuing banks
  • The integration of multi-function cards and looking at the business and customer
  • What will be the major trends for the debit card market in general in the future?
  • 9:40 SPAIN

    Jose Gabeiras

    Jose Gabeiras, Director General, Visa Espana

  • New technological developments in the Spanish debit card market
  • Opportunities and challenges for card issuers in the Spanish card market
  • The Spanish debit card market and Europay, MasterCard, Visa specification
  • The effect of ATM surcharges on the growing demand for debit cards
  • How does branding and cross-border acceptance affect the popularity of debitcards?
  • The potential for other uses of debit cards in Spain
  • 10:20 DENMARK

    Erik Nystrup

    Erik Nystrup, Vice President for International Activities, PBS

  • The profitability of electronic purse applications in the Danish market
  • How does Danmont reduce the costs of transactions and applications?
  • The impact of low costs on customers and retailers
  • What does Danmont offer for multi application cards and the demand for different services provided by Danmont
  • Danmont; a success for Danish electronic commerce?
  • The success and popularity of Danmont and its effects on credit cards
  • 11:00 Morning Coffee


    Jim Tomaney

    Jim Tomaney, Programme Manager, ACI Worldwide

  • Consider the reasons for poor debit card usage in e-commerce - will these also impact mobile-commerce?
  • Consider the need to expand debit card payment opportunities while exploiting investment in existing systems
  • How to satisfy debit payment requirements while enabling diverse delivery channels
  • 12:00 CASE STUDY

    Dominique Hautain

    Dominique Hautain, Executive Vice President Strategy and Marketing, Proton World International

  • National roll out of combined purse/debit smart cards
  • What advantages smart debit cards offer to card issuers in the Belgian market
  • 2.2 million purse transactions a month: status of a nationwide success
  • Proton technology: a global vision for interoperable multifunctional smart cards
  • The implications of Proton on cardholders, issuers and acquirers
  • Advantages and implications of smart debit cards
  • 12:40 Lunch


    David Birch

    David Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion

  • How is the market evolving? Consumer and business factors
  • What fundamental transaction models are there?
  • Key issues in fraud, acceptance, standards and so on
  • EMV, SET, SCPP, SSL, PKI, etc
  • Case studies and early experiences

    Peter Smid

    Peter Smid, Head of Bank Cards, Slovak Savings Bank

  • The potential of the Eastern European market for debit cards and the effect of the new entrants from Europe
  • The opportunities for Eastern European banks to launch debit cards
  • Identifying the factors that limit market growth for debit cards
  • Developing successful strategies for launching and promoting debit cards
  • Influencing customer demand through effective marketing techniques
  • Debit card application and its effects on banking in Eastern Europe
  • 15:00 Afternoon Tea

    15:20 PORTUGAL

    Carlos Manuel De Oliveira

    Carlos Manuel De Oliveira, Executive Director, Crediflash/Banco Espirito

  • New technological developments in the Portugese debit card market
  • Opportunities and challenges for card issuers in the Portugese card market
  • Why is Portugal one of the most debit-focused countries in Europe?
  • Analysis of the Multibanco network: will international card brands be included?
  • The effect of ATM surcharges on the growing demand for debit cards
  • Current consumer demand for debit cards and predictions for the future
  • 16:00 MULTOS

    Hugh Kingdon

    Hugh Kingdon, Vice President of Marketing, MAOSCO

  • Basic principles of the MULTOS open operating system
  • How does MULTOS maximise the business case for card issuers?
  • MULTOS security - meeting the needs of card issuers, application developers and consumers
  • Interoperability, upgrading, compatibility of the MULTOS operation system
  • Review of MULTOS projects from around the world
  • Future projects and directions

    Brian Caulfield

    Brian Caulfield, Managing Director, Peregrine Systems

  • Why the euro changes the landscape for domestic debit cards
  • Benefits from international acceptance
  • E-commerce and domestic debit cards
  • What is involved in a conversion project?
  • Key issues that need to be addressed
  • Can you survive without international acceptance?
  • 17:00 Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference



    Loyalty on Smart Cards Do's and Don'ts

    Loyalty on Smart Cards Do's and Don'ts

    The Hatton, at etc. venues
    3 November 1999
    London, United Kingdom

    The Hatton, at etc. venues

    51/53 Hatton Garden
    London EC1N 8HN
    United Kingdom

    The Hatton, at etc. venues



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    The majority of Input and Output based schemes actively encourage individuals to seek appropriate CPD activities independently.

    As a formal provider of CPD certified activities, SAE Media Group can provide an indication of the learning benefit gained and the typical completion. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the delegate to evaluate their learning, and record it correctly in line with their professional body’s or employers requirements.


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